Definition for SWING


  1. A waving or vibratory motion; oscillation; the swing of a pendulum.
  2. Motion from one side to the other. A haughty man strut or walks with a swing.
  3. A line, cord or other thing suspended and hanging loose; also, an apparatus suspended for persons to swing in.
  4. Influence or power of a body put in motion. The ram that batters down the wall, / For the great swing and rudeness of his poise. – Shak.
  5. Free course; unrestrained liberty or license. Take thy string. – Dryden. To prevent any thing which may prove an obstacle to the full siring of his genius. – Burke.
  6. The sweep or compass of a moving body.
  7. Unrestrained tendency; as, the prevailing swing of corrupt nature; the string of propensities. – South. Glanville.

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