Definition for SYN'CO-PE, or SYN'CO-PY

SYN'CO-PE, or SYN'CO-PY, n. [Gr. συγκοπη, from συγκοπτω; συν, and κοπτω, to cut off.]

  1. In music, the same as syncopation; the division of a note introduced when two or more notes of one part answer to a single note of another.
  2. In grammar, an elision or retrenchment of one or more letters or a syllable from the middle of a word.
  3. In medicine, a fainting or swooning; a diminution or interruption of the motion of the heart, and of respiration, accompanied with a suspension of the action of the brain and a temporary loss of sensation, volition and other faculties. – Cyc.

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