Definition for THINK

THINK, v.i. [pret. and pp. thought, pron. thaut. Sax. thincan, thencan; Goth. thagkyan; Sw. tycka and tænka; Dan. tykker and tænker; D. denken, to think, and gedagt, thought; G. denken, to think, and gedächtniss, remembrance; gedanke, thought; nachdenken, to ponder or meditate; Gr. δοκεω; Syr. and Ch. דוק; allied to L. duco. We observe n is casual, and omitted in the participle thought. The sense seems to be to set in the mind, or to draw out, as in meditation. Class Dg, No. 9.]

  1. To have the mind occupied on some subject; to have ideas, or to revolve ideas in the mind. For that I am / I know, because I think. Dryden. These are not matters to be slightly thought on. Tillotson.
  2. To judge; to conclude; to hold as a settled opinion. I think it will rain to-morrow. I think it not best to proceed on our journey. Let them marry to whom they think best. Numb. xxxvi.
  3. To intend. Thou thought'st to help me. Shak. I thought to promote thee to great honor. Numb. xxiv.
  4. To imagine; to suppose; to fancy. Edmund, I think, is gone / In pity of his misery, to dispatch / His 'nighted life. Shak. Let him that thinketh he standeth, take heed lest he fall. 1 Cor. x.
  5. To muse; to meditate. While Peter thought on the vision. Acts x. Think much, speak little. Dryden.
  6. To reflect; to recollect or call to mind. And when Peter thought thereon, he wept. Mark xiv.
  7. To consider; to deliberate. Think how this thing could happen. He thought within himself, saying, What shall I do? Luke xii.
  8. To presume. Think not to say within yourselves, we have Abraham to our father. Matth. iii.
  9. To believe; to esteem. To think on or upon, to muse on; to meditate on. If there be any virtue, if there be any praise, think on these things. Phil. iv. #2. To light on by meditation. He has just thought on an expedient that will answer the purpose. #3. To remember with favor. Think upon me, my God, for good. Neh. v. To think of, to have ideas come into the mind. He thought of what you told him. I would have sent the books, but I did not think of it. To think well of, to hold in esteem; to esteem.

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