Definition for TIRE

TIRE, n. [Heb. ורט tur, a row or series. See Class Dr, No. 24, 34, 35, 38, and No. 15.]

  1. A tier; a row or rank. This is the same word as tier, differently written. [See Tier and Tour.]
  2. A head dress; something that encompasses the head. [See Tiara.] Ezek. xxiv. Is. iii. On her head she wore a tire of gold. Spenser.
  3. Furniture; apparatus; as, the tire of war. Philips.
  4. Attire. [See Attire.]
  5. A band or hoop of iron, used to bind the fellies of wheels, to secure them from wearing and breaking; as, cart-tire; wagon-tire. This tire however is generally formed of different pieces, and is not one entire hoop.

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