Definition for TIRE

TIRE, v.t.2 [Sax. teorian, ateorian, geteorian, to fail. In D. teeren signifies to tar, to pine, to waste or consume, to digest; Gr. τειρω; L. tero. In Ir. and Gaelic, tor, toras, tuirse, is weariness; tuirsighim, to weary, to tire.]

  1. To weary; to fatigue; to exhaust the strength by toil or labor; as, to tire a horse or an ox. A long day's work in summer will tire the laborer. Tir'd with toil, all hopes of safety past. Dryden.
  2. To weary; to fatigue; to exhaust the power of attending, or to exhaust patience with dullness or tediousness. A dull advocate may tire the court and jury, and injure his cause. To tire out, to weary or fatigue to excess; to harass. Tickel.

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