Definition for TRANS-PORT

TRANS-PORT, v.t. [L. transporto; trans and porto, to carry.]

  1. To carry or convey from one place to another, either by means of beasts or vehicles on land, or by ships in water, or by balloons in air; as, to transport the baggage of an army; to transport goods from one country to another; to transport troops over a river.
  2. To carry into banishment, as a criminal. Criminals are transported as a punishment for their crimes, which often amounts to banishment.
  3. To hurry or carry away by violence of passion. They laugh as if transported with some fit / Of passion. Milton.
  4. To ravish with pleasure; to bear away the soul in ecstasy; as, to be transported with joy. Milton.
  5. To remove from one place to another, as a ship by means of hawsers and anchors. Mar. Dict.

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