Definition for TU-I'TION

TU-I'TION, n. [L. tuitio, from tueor, to see, behold, protect, &c. This verb is probably contracted from tugo, Ir. tuighim. If so, it coincides with the Dan. tugt, education, tugter, to chastise, D. tugt, G. zucht. In this case, it coincides nearly with L. duco, to lead.]

  1. Guardianship; superintending care over a young person; the particular watch and care of a tutor or guardian over his pupil or ward.
  2. More especially, instruction; the act or business of teaching the various branches of learning. We place our children under the preceptors of academies for tuition. [This is now the common acceptation of the word.]
  3. The money paid for instruction. In our colleges, the tuition is from thirty to forty dollars a year.

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