Definition for TUNE

TUNE, n. [Fr. ton; It. tuono; D. toon; W. ton; Ir. tona; L. tonus. It is a different spelling of tone, – which see.]

  1. A series of musical notes in some particular measure, and consisting of a single series, for one voice or instrument the effect of which is melody; or a union of two or more series or parts to be sung or played in concert, the effect of which is harmony. Thus we say, a merry tune, a lively tune, a grave tune, a psalm tune, a martial tune.
  2. Sound; note. – Shak.
  3. Harmony; order; concert of parts. A continual parliament I thought would but keep the commonweal in tune. – K. Charles.
  4. The state of giving the proper sounds; as when we say, harpsichord is in tune; that is, when the several chords are of that tension, that each gives its proper sound, and the sounds of all are at due intervals, both of tones and semitones.
  5. Proper state for use or application; right disposition; fit temper or humor. The mind is not in tune for mirth. A child will learn three times as fast when he is in tune, as he will when he is dragged to his task. – Locke.

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