Definition for CA'LYX

CA'LYX, n. [plur. calyxes. L. calyx; Gr. καλυξ, a flower not opened, a husk or shell. It has been confounded with κυλιξ, calix, a cup.]

  1. The outer covering of a flower, being the termination of the cortical epidermis or outer bark of the plant, which, in most plants, incloses and supports the bottom of the corol. In Linnæus's system, it comprehends the perianth, the involucrum, the ament, the spath, the glume, the calyptra, and the volva. But in general it signifies the perianth, and the leaves are generally green. – Milne. Martyn. Encyc. The opinion of Linnæus that the calyx is the continuation of the epidermis is now considered erroneous. – Ed. Encyc. Smith.
  2. An envelop consisting of one whorl of leaves. – Lindley.

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