Definition for CHARM

CHARM, v.t.

  1. To subdue or control by incantation or secret influence. I will send serpents among you … which will not be charmed. – Jer. viii.
  2. To subdue by secret power, especially by that which pleases and delights the mind; to allay or appease. Music the fiercest grief can charm. – Pope.
  3. To give exquisite pleasure to the mind or senses; to delight; as, we were charmed with the conversation. The aerial songster charms us with her melodious notes. – Anon.
  4. To fortify with charms against evil. I have a charmed life, which must not yield. – Shak. [Not in use.]
  5. To make powerful by charms. – Johnson.
  6. To summon by incantation.– Shak. Johnson.
  7. To temper agreeably. – Spenser.

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