Definition for CHASE

CHASE, v.t. [Fr. chasser; Arm. chaçzeal; Sp. cazar; Port. caçar; It. cacciare. The elements are Cg or Ck; and the change of a palatal to a sibilant resembles that in brace.]

  1. Literally, to drive, urge, press forward with vehemence; hence, to pursue for the purpose of taking, as game; to hunt.
  2. To pursue, or drive, as a defeated or flying enemy. – Lev. xxvi. 7. Deut. xxxii. 30.
  3. To follow or pursue as an object of desire; to pursue for the purpose of taking; as, to chase a ship.
  4. To drive; to pursue. Chased by their brother's endless malice. – Knolles. To chase away, is to compel to depart; to disperse. To chase metals. [See Enchase.]

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