Definition for CHIDE

CHIDE, v.t. [pret. chid, (chode is obs.) pp. chid, chidden. Sax. cidan, to chide, to scold; W. cozi, to chide, to press, to straighten; Ch. קטט, to scold, to brawl, to fight. Qu. W. cad, a battle. Literally, to scold; to clamor; to utter noisy words; that is, to drive. Hence,]

  1. To scold at; to reprove; to utter words in anger, or by way of disapprobation; to rebuke; as, to chide one for his faults.
  2. To blame; to reproach; as, to chide folly or negligence. To chide from or chide away, is to drive away by scolding or reproof.

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