Definition for COF'FIN

COF'FIN, n. [Fr. coffre. See Coffer. In French, coffin is a candle-basket; Gr. κοφινος; Norm. French, cofin, a basket; Sp. cofin; radically the same word as coffer.]

  1. The chest or box in which a dead human body is buried, or deposited in a vault.
  2. A mold of paste for a pie. – Johnson.
  3. A paper case, in the form of a cone, used by grocers. – Johnson.
  4. In farriery, the hollow part of a horse's hoof; or the whole hoof above the coronet, including the coffin bone, which is a small spungy bone in the midst of the hoof, and possessing the whole form of the hoof. – Bailey. Farrier's Dict.
  5. In printing, a wooden frame inclosing the stone on which the form is imposed.

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