Definition for COL'UM-BINE

COL'UM-BINE, n. [L. columbina.]

The popular name of Aquilegia, a genus of plants of several species. The Thalictrum or meadow-rue is also called feathered columbine. – Fam. of Plants. [2. The heroine in pantomime entertainments. – Fenning. The name of the mistress of Harlequin in our pantomimes. – Todd's Johnson. Colombina is, in Italian, a diminutive term of endearment, 'pretty little dove,' (Plant, Cas. 1, 50, 'Meus pullus passer, mea columba; mî lepus,' Asin. 3, 3, 103, 'Dic igitur me anaticulam, columbam, vel catellum, Hirundinem, monedulam, passerculum, putillum,') and it denotes in old Italian comedy the name of a maid-servant, who is a perfect coquet, in which respect the character familiar to our English stage, varies from the prototype. – E. H. B.]

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