Definition for CON-CERN'MENT


  1. The thing in which one is concerned or interested; concern; affair; business; interest. To mix with thy concernments I desist. – Milton. Propositions which extend only to the present life, are small, compared with those that have influence upon our everlasting concernments. – Watts. The great concernment of men is with men. – Locke.
  2. A particular bearing upon the interest or happiness of one; importance; moment. Experimental truths are matters of great concernment to mankind. – Boyle.
  3. Concern; interposition; meddling; as, the father had no concernment in the marriage of his daughter. In this sense, we generally use concern.
  4. Emotion of mind; solicitude; as, their ambition is manifest in their concernment. In this sense, concern is generally used.

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