Definition for CON-CUR'

CON-CUR', v.i. [L. concurro, to run together; con and curro, to run; It. concorrere; Sp. concurrir; Port. concorrer; Fr. concourir.]

  1. To meet in the same point; to agree. Reason and sense concur. – Temple.
  2. To agree; to join or unite, as in one action or opinion; to meet, mind with mind; as, the two houses of parliament concur in the measure. It has with before the person with whom one agrees; as, Mr. Burke concurred with Lord Chatham in opinion. It has to before the effect. Extremes in man concur to general use. – Pope.
  3. To unite or be conjoined, with the consequential sense of aiding, or contributing power or influence to a common object; as, various causes may concur in the changes of temperature.

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