Definition for CON-GRU'I-TY


  1. Suitableness; the relation of agreement between things. There is no congruity between a mean subject and a lofty style; but an obvious congruity between an elevated station and dignified deportment.
  2. Fitness; pertinence. A whole sentence may fail of its congruity by wanting a particle. – Sidney.
  3. Reason; consistency; propriety. – Hooker.
  4. In school divinity, the good actions which are supposed to render it meet and equitable that God should confer grace on those who perform them. The merit of congruity is a sort of imperfect qualification for the gift and reception of God's grace. – Milner.
  5. In geometry, figures or lines, which when laid over one another, exactly correspond, are in congruity. – Johnson.

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