Definition for COPE

COPE, n. [W. côb; Sax. cæppe; D. kap; Dan. kappe, kaabe; Sw. kappa or kåpa; Fr. chape, whence chapeau, a hat; Sp. capa; It. cappa; Port. capa.]

  1. A cover for the head.
  2. A sacerdotal ornament or vestment worn in sacred ministrations. An ornament worn by chanters and subchanters when they officiate in solemnity. It reaches from the shoulders to the feet.
  3. Any thing spread or extended over the head; the arch or concave of the sky; the roof or covering of a house; the arch over a door, &c.
  4. An ancient tribute due to the king or lord of the soil, out of the lead mines in some part of Derbyshire. – Encyc.

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