Definition for CO'PI-OUS

CO'PI-OUS, a. [Fr. copieux; It. copioso; Sp. id.; L. copiosus, from copia, abundance, Ir. coib. Qu. Ch. גבב to collect, gather, accumulate; Ar. جَبَا jabau, id. Class Gb, No. 2, 5, 55.]

  1. Abundant; plentiful; in great quantities; full; ample; furnishing full supplies. The tender heart is peace, / And kindly pours its copious treasures forth / In various converse. – Thomson.
  2. Furnishing abundant matter; not barren; rich in supplies. The redemption of man is a copious subject of contemplation. Hail, Son of God, Savior of men! thy name / Shall be the copious matter of my song. – Milton.

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