Definition for COUN'TER-POISE

COUN'TER-POISE, v.t. [s as z. Fr. contrepeser; It. contrappesare; Sp. contrapesar; contre, contra, and peser, pesar, to weigh. See Poise.]

  1. To counterbalance; to weigh against with equal weight; to be equiponderant to; to equal in weight. The force and distance of weights counterpoising each other, ought to be reciprocal. – Digby. The heaviness of bodies must be counterpoised by a plummet fastened about the pulley to the axis. – Wilkins.
  2. To act against with equal power or effect; to balance. The wisdom of the senate may be able to counterpoise the rash impetuosity of a democractic house.

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