Definition for CRIN'GLE

CRIN'GLE, n. [cring'gl; D. kring, krinkel, kronkel, a bend, turn, ring, or twist. See Crank and Cringe.]

  1. A withe for fastening a gate. [Local.]
  2. In marine language, a hole in the bolt-rope of a sail, formed by intertwisting the division of a rope, called a strand, alternately round itself, and through the strand of the bolted rope, till it becomes three-fold, and takes the shape of a ring. Its use is to receive the ends of the ropes by which the sail is drawn up to its yard, or to extend the leech by the bow-line-bridles. Iron-cringles, or hanks, are open rings running on the stays, to which the heads of the stay-sails are made fast. – Mar. Dict.

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