Definition for CUR'RENT

CUR'RENT, a. [L. currens, from curro, to flow or run; Fr. courir, whence courier, and discourir, to discourse, concourir, to concur, &c.; It. correre; Sp. and Port. correr, to run; W. gyru, to drive or run; Eng. hurry. It seems to be connected with the root of car, cart, chariot, like currus. See Ar. كَارَ kaura, and جَرَي garai. Class Gr, No. 7, 32, 15.]

  1. Literally, flowing, running, passing. Hence, passing from person to person, or from hand to hand; circulating; as, current opinions; current coin. Hence, common, general or fashionable; generally received; popular; as, the current notions of the day or age; current folly. – Watts. Swift. Pope.
  2. Established by common estimation; generally received; as, the current value of coin.
  3. Passable; that may be allowed or admitted. – Shak.
  4. Now passing; present in its course; as, the current month or year.

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