Definition for PI'OUS

PI'OUS, a. [L. pius; Fr. pieux; Sp. It. and Port. pio. In Sp. and It. the word signifies not only pious, but mild and compassionate, and pity and piety are expressed by one and the same word. See Pity.]

  1. Godly; reverencing and honoring the Supreme Being in heart and in the practice of the duties he has enjoined: having due veneration and affection for the character of God, and habitually obeying his commands; religious; devoted to the service of God; applied to persons.
  2. Dictated by reverence to God; proceeding from piety; applied to things; as, pious awe; pious services or affections; pious sorrow.
  3. Having due respect and affection for parents or other relatives; practicing the duties of respect and affection toward parents or other near relatives. – Taylor. Pope.
  4. Practiced under the pretense of religion; as, pious frauds.

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