Definition for PLIGHT

PLIGHT, n. [plite; L. plicatus, implicatus, implicitus.]

  1. Literally, a state of being involved, hence, perplexity, distress, or a distressed state or condition; as, a miserable plight. But the word by itself does not ordinarily imply distress. Hence,
  2. Condition; state; and sometimes good case; as, to keep cattle in plight. In most cases, this word is now accompanied with an adjective which determines its signification; as, bad plight, miserable or wretched plight; good plight.
  3. Pledge; gage. The Lord, whose hand must take my plight. – Shak.
  4. A fold, [L. plica;] a double; a plait. All in a silken Camus, lily white, / Purified upon with many a folded plight. [Obs.] – Spenser.
  5. A garment. [Not used.] – Chapman.

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