Definition for POIS'ON-TREE


A tree that poisons. This name is given to Rhus-venenata or Swamp-sumac, Rhus-toxicodendron or Climbing-sumac, and Rhus-pumila or Dwarf-sumac of the United States; to Rhus-vernicifera or the Varnish-sumac, and Rhus-succedanea of Japan; to Rhus-perniciosa, Rhus-juglandifolia, and Hippomane-mancinella or Manchioneel tree of South America; to Strychnos-tieuté and Antiaris-toxicaria, the two Bohun Upas of Java, &c. All of these are valuable medicines. The active principle of the most active of the poison trees of Java, has long been kept in the shops, and is extensively used by physicians.

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