Definition for DAL'LY

DAL'LY, v.i. [W. dàl or dala, to hold, bear, keep, stop; Arm. dalea, to stop or retard; Ir. dail, delay; Russ. dlyu. The sense of holding is often connected with that of extending, drawing out in time; Ar. طَأَلَ taula, to prolong, to delay. Class Dl, No. 20. See also No. 24, 29.]

  1. Literally, to delay; to linger; to wait. Hence,
  2. To trifle; to lose time in idleness and trifles; to amuse one's self with idle play. It is madness to dally any longer. Calamy.
  3. To toy and wanton, as man and woman; to interchange caresses; to fondle. Shak.
  4. To sport; to play. She dallies with the wind. Shak.

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