Definition for DAN'DLE

DAN'DLE, v.t. [G. tändeln, to toy, to trifle, to lounge, to dandle; Fr. dandiner, to jog; It. dondolare, to swing, to loiter; Sp. and Port. tontear, to dote, to talk nonsense; Scot. dandill, dander. These words seem to be allied.]

  1. To shake or jolt on the knee, as an infant; to move up and down in the land; literally, to amuse by play. Ye shall be dandled on her knees. Is. lxvi.
  2. To fondle; to amuse; to treat as a child; to toy with. I am ashamed to be dandled thus. Addison.
  3. To delay; to protract by trifles. [Obs.] Spenser.

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