Definition for DASH

DASH, n.

  1. Collision; a violent striking of two bodies; as, the dash of clouds. – Thomson.
  2. Infusion; admixture; something thrown into another substance; as, the wine has a dash of water. Innocence with a dash of folly. – Addison.
  3. Admixture; as, red with a dash of purple.
  4. A rushing, or onset with violence; as, to make a dash upon the enemy.
  5. A sudden stroke; a blow; an act. She takes upon her bravely at first dash. – Shak.
  6. A flourish; blustering parade; as, the young fop made a dash. [Vulgar.]
  7. A mark or line in writing or printing, noting a break or stop in the sentence; as in Virgil, quos ego – : or a pause; or the division of the sentence.

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