Definition for DATE

DATE, n.1 [Fr. date; It. and Sp. data; L. datum, given, from do, to give; Sans. da, datu.]

  1. That addition to a writing which specifies the year, month and day when it was given or executed. In letters, it notes the time when they are written or sent; in deeds, contracts, wills and other papers, it specifies the time of execution, and usually the time from which they are to take effect and operate on the rights of persons. To the date is usually added the name of the place where a writing is executed, and this is sometimes included in the term date.
  2. The time when any event happened, when any thing was transacted, or when any thing is to be done; as, the date of a battle; the date of Cesar's arrival in Britain.
  3. End; conclusion. [Unusual.] What time would spare, from steel receives its date. – Pope.
  4. Duration; continuance; as, ages of endless date. – Milton.

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