Definition for DE-BAUCH'

DE-BAUCH', v.t. [Fr. debaucher; Arm. dibaucha. This is said by Lunier to be compounded of de and an old French word, signifying a shop, (bauche,) and that its primary sense is to draw or entice one from his shop or work, and in this sense it is still used. Hence embaucher is to help a journeyman to employment, and to enlist as a soldier. The general sense then of debauch, in English, is to lead astray, like seduce.]

  1. To corrupt or vitiate; as, to debauch a prince or youth; to debauch good principles.
  2. To corrupt with lewdness; as, to debauch a woman.
  3. To seduce from duty or allegiance; as, to debauch an army.

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