Definition for DEEP'LY

DEEP'LY, adv.

  1. At or to a great depth; far below the surface; as, a passion deeply rooted in our nature; precepts deeply engraven on the heart.
  2. Profoundly; thoroughly; as, deeply skilled in ethics or anatomy.
  3. To or from the inmost recesses of the heart; with great sorrow; most feelingly. He sighed deeply in his spirit. – Mark viii. He was deeply affected at the sight. – Anon.
  4. To a great degree; as, he has deeply offended. They have deeply corrupted themselves. – Hos. ix.
  5. With a dark hue, or strong color; as, a deeply red liquor; deeply colored.
  6. Gravely; as, a deeply toned instrument.
  7. With profound skill; with art or intricacy; as, a deeply laid plot or intrigue. This word can not easily be defined in all its various applications. In general, it gives emphasis or intensity to the word which it qualifies.

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