Definition for DE-SIRE'

DE-SIRE', v.t. [Fr. desirer; Arm. desira; It. desiare, or desirare; Sp. desear; Port. desejar; supposed to be contracted from L. desidero, from desido, to sink or settle, to want. The latter seems to be the primary sense.]

  1. To wish for the possession or enjoyment of, with a greater or less degree of earnestness; to covet. It expresses less strength of affection than longing. Neither shall any man desire thy land. – Ex. xxxiv. Follow after charity, and desire spiritual gifts. – 1 Cor. xiv.
  2. To express a wish to obtain; to ask; to request; to petition. Then she said, did I desire a son of my Lord? – 2 Kings iv.
  3. To require. [Not in use.] – Spenser.

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