Definition for DES'TINE

DES'TINE, v.t. [L. destino; probably de and stino or stano. There seems to have been a root of this orthography, different from L. sto, which we find in obstinate, obstino, præstino, and in Russ. stanovlyu, is to set or place, stan is stature, and we have stanchion, and stone, Sax. stan, perhaps from the same root. The words beginning with st, as stable, steady, stage, stand, signify to set, but the difference of final articulation seems to indicate a difference of roots – stab, stad, stag, stan.]

  1. To set, ordain, or appoint to a use, purpose, state, or place. We destine a son to the ministerial office; a house for a place of worship; a ship for the London trade, or to Lisbon; and we are all destined to a future state of happiness or misery.
  2. To fix unalterably, as by a divine decree; as, the destined hour of death.
  3. To doom; to devote; to appoint unalterably. – Prior.

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