Definition for DI'ET

DI'ET, n.1 [L. diæta; Gr. διαιτα, manner a living, mode of life prescribed by a physician, food, a room, parlor or bedroom; Sp. dieta; Fr. diète; It. dieta. In the middle ages, this word was used to denote the provision of food for one day, and for a journey of one day. Spelman. Hence it seems to be from dies, day, or its root; and hence the word may have come to signify a meal or supper, and the room occupied for eating.]

  1. Food or victuals; as, milk is a wholesome diet; flesh is a nourishing diet.
  2. Food regulated by a physician, or by medical rules; food prescribed for the prevention or cure of disease, and limited in kind or quantity. I restrained myself to a regular diet of flesh once a day.
  3. Allowance of provision. For his diet there was a continual diet given him by the king. – Jer. lii.
  4. Board, or boarding; as, to pay a certain sum for diet, washing and lodging.

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