Definition for DIS-PUTE'

DIS-PUTE', v.i. [L. disputo; dis and puto. The primary sense of puto is to throw, cast, strike or drive, as we see by imputo, to impute, to throw on, to charge, to ascribe. Amputo, to prune, is to strike off, to throw off from all sides; computo, to compute, is to throw together, to cast. Dispute then is radically very similar to debate and discuss, both of which are from beating, driving, agitation.]

  1. To contend in argument; to reason or argue in opposition; to debate; to altercate; and to dispute violently is to wrangle. Paul disputed with the Jews in the synagogue. The disciples of Christ disputed among themselves who should be the greatest. Men often dispute about trifles.
  2. To strive or contend in opposition to a competitor; as, we disputed for the prize.

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