Definition for DIS-PUTE'

DIS-PUTE', v.t.

  1. To attempt to disprove by arguments or statements; to attempt to prove to be false, unfounded or erroneous; to controvert; to attempt to overthrow by reasoning. We dispute assertions, opinions, arguments or statements, when we endeavor to prove them false or unfounded. We dispute the validity of a title or claim. Hence, to dispute a cause or case with another, is to endeavor to maintain one's own opinions or claims, and to overthrow those of his opponent.
  2. To strive or contend for, either by words or actions; as, to dispute the honor of the day; to dispute a prize. But this phrase is elliptical, being used for dispute for, and primarily the verb is intransitive. See the Intransitive Verb, No. 2.
  3. To call in question the propriety of; to oppose by reasoning. An officer is never to dispute the orders of his superior.
  4. To strive to maintain; as, to dispute every inch of ground.

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