Definition for DOUB'LE

DOUB'LE, v.t. [dub'l; Fr. doubler; Arm. doubla; Sp. doblar; Port. dobrar; It. doppiare; D. dubbelen; G. doppeln; Dan. doblerer; Sw. dublera; Ir. dublaighim; W. dyblygu; L. duplico; Gr. διπλοω.]

  1. To fold; as, to double the leaf of a book; to double down a corner. – Prior.
  2. To increase or extend by adding an equal sum, value, quantity, or length; as, to double a sum of money; to double the amount; to double the quantity or size of a thing; to double the length; to double dishonor.
  3. To contain twice the sum, quantity, or length, or twice as much; as, the enemy doubles our army in numbers.
  4. To repeat; to add; as, to double blow on blow. – Dryden.
  5. To add one to another in the same order. Thou shalt double the sixth curtain in the fore front of the tabernacle. – Ex. xxvi.
  6. In navigation, to double a cape or point, is to sail round it, so that the cape or point shall be between the ship and her former situation. – Mar. Dict.
  7. In military affairs, to unite two ranks or files in one. To double and twist, is to add one thread to another and twist them together. To double upon, in tactics, is to inclose between two fires.

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