Definition for DRIP

DRIP, v.i. [Sax. drypan, driopan, dropian, to drip, to drop; D. druipen; G. triefen; Sw. drypa; Dan. drypper. This seems to be of the same family as drop. Hence dribble, dripple, drivel. The Ar. has the precise word نَرَفَ tharafa, to drop or distill. Qu. רעף Heb. and Ar. to drop. The Persic has تِرأَبِيدَبْ tirabidan, to exsude. See Class Rb, No. 11, 35.]

  1. To fall in drops; as, water drips from eaves.
  2. To have any liquid falling from it in drops; as, a wet garment drips.

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