Definition for DROP

DROP, n. [Sax. dropa, a drop; dropian, to drop; G. tropfen; D. drop; Sw. droppe; Dan. draabe. Heb. רעף, Ar. رَعَفَ raafa, and ذَرَفَ tharafa, to drop. Class Rb, No. 11. Heb. ערף id.]

  1. A small portion of any fluid in a spherical form, which falls at once from any body, or a globule of any fluid which is pendent, as if about to fall; a small portion of water falling in rain; as, a drop of water; a drop of blood; a drop of laudanum.
  2. A diamond hanging from the ear; an earring; something hanging in the form of a drop.
  3. A very small quantity of liquor; as he had not drank a drop.
  4. The part of a gallows which sustains the criminal before he is executed, and which is suddenly dropped.

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