Definition for DROP

DROP, v.i.

  1. To distill; to fall in small portions, globules or drops, as a liquid. Water drops from the clouds or from the eaves.
  2. To let drops fall; to discharge itself in drops. The heavens dropped at the presence of God. – Ps. lxviii.
  3. To fall; to descend suddenly or abruptly.
  4. To fall spontaneously; as, ripe fruit drops from a tree.
  5. To die, or to die suddenly. We see one friend after another dropping round us. They drop into the grave.
  6. To come to an end; to cease; to be neglected and come to nothing; as, the affair dropped.
  7. To come unexpectedly; with in or into; as, my old friend dropped in, a moment.
  8. To fall short of a mark. [Not usual.]. Often it drops or overshoots. – Collier.
  9. To fall lower; as, the point of the spear dropped a little.
  10. To be deep in extent. Her main top-sail drops seventeen yards. – Mar. Dict. To drop astern, in seamen's language, is to pass or move toward the stern; to move back; or to slacken the velocity of a vessel to let another beyond her. To drop down, in seamen's language, is to sail, row, or move down a river, or toward the sea.

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