Definition for A-BIDE'

A-BIDE', v.i. [pret. and pp. abode. Ar. اَبَدَ abada, to be or exist, to continue; W. bod, to be; Sax. bidan, abidan; Sw. bida; D. beiden; Dan. bier for bider; Russ. vitayu, to dwell, rest, continue, stand firm, or be stationary for any time indefinitely. Class Bd. No. 7.]

  1. To rest, or dwell. – Gen. xxix. 19.
  2. To tarry or stay for a short time. – Gen. xxiv. 55.
  3. To continue permanently or in the same state; to be firm and immovable. – Ps. cxix. 90.
  4. To remain, to continue. – Acts xxvii. 31. Eccles. viii. 15.

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