Definition for A-BOUT'

A-BOUT', adv.

  1. Near to in quality or degree; as, about as high, or as cold.
  2. Here and there; around; in one place and another. Wandering about from house to house. – 1 Tim. v.
  3. Round, or the longest way, opposed to across, or the shortest way; as, a mile about, and half a mile across. To bring about, to bring to the end; to effect or accomplish a purpose. To come about, to change or turn; to come to the desired point. In a like sense, seamen say go about, when a ship changes her course to go on the other tack. Ready about, about ship, are orders for tacking. To go about, signifies to enter upon; to prepare; to seek the means. Why go ye about to kill me? – John vii.

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