Definition for AB-STE'MI-OUS

AB-STE'MI-OUS, a. [L. abstemius; from abs and temetum, an ancient name of strong wine, according to Fabius and Genius. But Vossius supposes it to be from abstineo, by a change of n to m. It may be from the root of timeo, to fear, that is, to withdraw.]

  1. Sparing in diet; refraining from a free use of food and strong drinks. Instances of longevity are chiefly among the abstemious. – Arbuthnot.
  2. Sparing in the enjoyment of animal pleasures of any kind. [This usage is less common and perhaps not legitimate.]
  3. Sparingly used, or used with temperance; belonging to abstinence; an abstentious diet, an abstemious life.

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