Definition for AC-CEPT'ANCE


  1. A receiving with approbation or satisfaction; favorable reception; as, work done to acceptance. They shall come up with acceptance on my altar. – Isa. lx.
  2. The receiving of a bill of exchange or order, in such a manner as to bind the accepter to make payment. This must be by express words; and to charge the drawer with costs, in case of non-payment, the acceptance must be in writing, under, across, or on the back of the bill. – Blackstone.
  3. An agreeing to terms or proposals in commerce, by which a bargain is concluded and the parties bound.
  4. An agreeing to the act or contract of another, by some act which binds the person in law; as, a bishop's taking that reserved on a lease made by his predecessor, is an acceptance of the terms of the lease, and binds the party. – Law.
  5. In mercantile language, a bill of exchange accepted; as, a merchant receives another's acceptance in payment.
  6. Formerly, the sense in which a word is understood. [Obs.] See Acceptation.

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