Definition for AC-CORD'I-ON

AC-CORD'I-ON, n. [from accord.]

A small keyed wind instrument, whose tones are generated by the play of wind upon metallic reeds. It is a small wind-chest, the sides of which are made to fold and expand like a bellows. On the top are apertures in which the reeds are inserted, and upon which the reeds play. Each key playing on two apertures, the reeds of which are furnished with reversed valves, is made to command two successive notes in the scale, according as the wind is drawn in by expanding the chest, or forced out by closing it. In addition to the keys, there is slide which opens upon reeds attuned to the harmonics for the tonic and dominant, by opening which the air has an harmonic accompaniment. The bottom of the chest is furnished with a large key, by which the chest may be opened, and suddenly exhausted or filled, as need requires. This is a melodious portable instrument, commanding two or three octaves in the diatonic scale. – Prof. Fitch.

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