Definition for AC-QUAINT'

AC-QUAINT', v.t. [Old Fr. accointer, to make known, whence accointance, acquaintance. Qu. Per. كُنْدَا kunda, knowing, intelligent; Ger. kunde, knowledge; kund, known, public; D. kond or kunde, knowledge; Sw. kănd, known; Dan. kiender, to know, to be acquainted with. These words seem to have for their primitive root the Goth. and Sax. kunnan, to know, the root of cunning; Ger. kennen; D. kunnen, kan; Eng. can and ken; which see.]

  1. To make known; to make fully or intimately known; to make familiar. A man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. – Isa. liii.
  2. To inform; to communicate notice to; as, a friend in the country acquaints me with his success. Of before the object, – as, to acquaint a man of this design, – has been used, but is obsolete or improper.
  3. To acquaint one's self, is to gain an intimate or particular knowledge of. Acquaint now thyself with him and be at peace. – Job xxii.

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