Definition for AD-DRESS'


  1. A speaking to; verbal application; a formal manner of speech; as, when introduced, the President made a short address.
  2. A written or formal application; a message of respect, congratulation, thanks, petition, &c.; as, an address of thanks; an officer is removable upon the address of both houses of assembly.
  3. Manner of speaking to another; as, a man of pleasing address.
  4. Courtship; more generally in the plural, addresses; as, he makes or pays his addresses to a lady.
  5. Skill; dexterity; skillful management; as, the envoy conducted the negotiation with address.
  6. Direction of a letter, including the name, title, and place of residence of the person for whom it is intended. Hence these particulars are denominated a man's address.

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