Definition for AD-O-RA'TION


  1. The act of paying honors to a divine being; the worship paid to God; the act of addressing as a God. Adoration consists in external homage, accompanied with the highest reverence. It is used for the act of praying, or preferring requests, or thanksgiving to the Supreme Being.
  2. Homage paid to one in high esteem; profound reverence. Adoration, among the Jews, was performed by bowing, kneeling, and prostration. Among the Romans, the devotee, with his head uncovered, applied his right hand to his lips, bowing and turning himself from left to right. The Persians fell on the face, striking the forehead against the earth, and kissing the ground. The adoration paid to the Grecian and Roman emperors, consisted in bowing and kneeling at the feet of the prince, laying hold of his robe, then withdrawing the hand and clapping it to the lips. In modern times, adoration is paid to the pope by kissing his feet, and to princes, by kneeling and kissing the hand. This word was used by the Romans for acclamation or great applause, given to public performers; and the election of a pope is sometimes by adoration, that is, by sudden acclamation without scrutiny. – Encyc.

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