Definition for A-DORN'

A-DORN', v.t. [L. adorno, ad and orno, to deck, or beautify, to dress, set off, extol, furnish; Fr. orner; Sp. Port. ornar; It. ornare; Arm. aourna. Orno is probably the Saxon hrinan, gerenian, gerinan, gehrinan, to touch, to strike, to adorn, that is, to put on.]

  1. To deck or decorate; to make beautiful; to add to beauty by dress; to deck with external ornaments. A bride adorneth herself with jewels. – Isa. vi.
  2. To set off to advantage; to add ornaments to; to embellish, by any thing external or adventitious; as, to adorn a speech by appropriate action, sentiments with elegance of language, or a gallery with pictures.
  3. To make pleasing, or more pleasing; as, great abilities adorned by virtue or affability.
  4. To display the beauty or excellence of; as, to adorn the doctrine of God. – Titus ii.

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