Definition for AD-VANCE'

AD-VANCE', v.t. [advans; Fr. avancer; Sp. avanzar, to move forward; It. avanzare, to get or increase; Arm. avans, to advance. This word is formed on van, the front, which seems to be the Ch. and Heb. פנה, פנים, surface, face; whence Fr. avant; It. avanti, before.]

  1. To bring forward; to move further in front. Hence,
  2. To promote; to raise to a higher rank; as, to advance one from the bar to the bench.
  3. To improve or make better, which is considered as a progression or moving forward; as, to advance one's true interests.
  4. To forward; to accelerate growth; as, to advance the growth of plants.
  5. To offer or propose; to bring to view or notice; as, to advance an opinion or an argument.
  6. In commerce, to supply beforehand; to furnish on credit, or before goods are delivered, or work done; or to furnish as a part of a stock or fund; as, to advance money on loan or contract, or towards a purchase or establishment.
  7. To furnish for others; to supply or pay for others, in expectation of reimbursement. They advanced the money out of their own funds, and took the sherif's deeds in their own name. Kent, Johnson's Rep.
  8. To raise; to enhance; as, to advance the price of goods.

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